The Lion Roars At Pinewood

Lion City is an Asian Grocery/Supermarket, that has become the heart of Pinewood Shopping Village.


Located at Shop 15 The Centreway, it has a huge range and diversity of products from almost every country in South East Asia.

Roger and his wife Peggy, both Singapore nationals, established Lion City in late 2015, in the Pinewood Shopping Village. The family owned business offers a far more distinctive range of products than only the flavours of Asia. Lion City offers friendly service and advice on cooking, sauces and the various flavours of noodles.

"We believe that in modern society consumers have developed a diversified palate for different cultural cuisines and we are trying our best to bring variety into our store," managing owner Roger said.

Besides offering diversity, Lion City organises cooking demonstrations and food tastings from various suppliers. They also try their very best to bring in products from Singapore and Malaysia at their customer's request.

"We realise that there a lot of new migrants in Melbourne, especially the eastern suburbs, so we want to encourage people to come out of their comfort zone and to interact using food as the platform," Roger said.

Lion City is renowned for their Malaysian cuisines on Saturday mornings, from Nasi Lemak, wrapped in banana leaves, fresh bread dough, to Malaysian traditional cakes. It attracts food lovers from different parts of Melbourne to congregate at their store, sharing food and recipes. Roger says, "It's not just about boosting sales but also about customers' shopping experience and satisfaction.

"We organise special deals for our 'Musang King' durians from time to time and we guarantee the freshness of the fruit. That's the extent we will go to ensure customer satisfaction," he added. Take a trip to Lion City, you will not be disappointed.

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