Your creativity is only limited by your imagination

It is sometimes difficult to find activities for children of all ages. This should not be an issue according to Debby, the owner-manager of Joy Stationery at Pinewood Shopping Village.

 “The reason I started this business eight months ago is because I wanted to create a place where anyone could come and be creative. It is food for the soul,” Debby said.

Debby had noticed all the positive aspects of art and craft from all the clay training she attended with her two children, Josie and Darcy since they were young. She really wanted to bring the benefits of these types of creative activities to the wider Pinewood Community. 

 “Children these days are all about technology, so to offer them something other than that enables them to fine tune their motor skills and stimulate their imagination, both essential   aspects to their development and learning,” Debby said.

Joy Stationery conducts art and craft workshops for pre-schoolers, primary and secondary school age students and even adults. 


The workshops cover everything from clay modelling, card making, calligraphy, resin jewellery making, brush lettering and DIY paper related crafts to bullet journaling.

 “On Saturdays we offer calligraphy and resin workshops for teenagers and adults. We are soon to introduce some sewing classes for adults because I believe it is important for all age groups to be creative. We also cater for private bookings and birthday parties.”

The other aspect of the business is the Stationery and Arts and Crafts retail shop.  Debby purchases products from Taiwan, Japan, the US as well as Australian products. 

She also supports other local small business with her offer of custom made-to-order products such as art smocks, bags and accessories.


 “I really wanted to bring in stationery items from overseas that were special and different to what is usually found in Australian stationers because I noticed that particularly in the arts and crafts area there simply doesn’t appear to be much variety when comparing it to places like Japan and Taiwan,” Debby said. “I thought why should we miss out on all the good things and always pay a premium for limited choice?”Debby is passionate about providing a complete arts and craft environment that stimulates children’s and adult’s imagination and creative expression. Helping people tap into their creative side and watching their enjoyment and sense of pride upon completing a workshop is a wonderful reward. 


“What I enjoy the most is when the customers come into the shop and find things that are interesting, fresh, that they’ve never seen before, and are then inspired to create,” she said. “The kids treasure things that they have invested time and energy into making.  It’s about teaching the kids to look after things that they own which I think is the greatest life lesson of all.”

For further info phone Debby on 8838 8818 or visit the Joy Stationery Pinewood facebook page.


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