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Food Retailers


Pinewood Shopping Village covers all your food retail needs from bakeries to Asian groceries. 

Open from 6am to 10pm,


7 days a week

433 Blackburn Rd, Pinewood

8371 9300

Mon-Wed 6am to 7pm

Thurs-Fri 6am to 6.30pm

Sat-Sun 6am to 5pm

26 Centreway, Mt Waverley

9803 0377

Mon-Fri  8am to 7pm 
Sat-Sun 8am to 6pm

433 Blackburn Rd

9802 0550

Sun-Mon 10am to 9pm

Tues-Thurs 10am to 9.30pm

Fri-Sat 10am to 9pm


25 Centreway, Mt Waverley

9986 3991

Sun-Mon 10am to 7pm

Tues-Wed 10am to 8pm

Thurs-Fri 10am to 9pm

Sat 9am to 9pm

2 Centreway, Mt Waverley

9802 7033