Travel centre in full flight

Kimberley, the manager of Flight Centre in Centreway, Pinewood Shopping Village, is passionate about travel and the Flight Centre brand.

“The best part of my job is being able to talk about travel every single day.  Travel is a lot of fun. Once you go on a trip you get the travel bug and you can’t really stop,” she said.

Kimberley heads a team of three professional travel consultants at the Pinewood branch of one of the world’s leading travel agencies.

She said that Flight Centre has a complete range of travel services for individuals, families and groups. 

“We can arrange independent travel for people that want to do things by themselves, large and small group touring, tailormade group touring for families or a group of friends, cruising, rail journeys, car hire, sporting events, concert packages and dedicated religious festivals,” Kim stated. “We do a bit of everything!” 

“We can book trips from start to finish.  As soon as a customer walks through the door we can arrange flights, accommodation, transport to and from each place, and travel insurance that will cover you from the time of booking until the day you arrive back at your home,” Kim stated.

“We can arrange everything from the moment you think about the trip until the very end.”

Flight Centre also organise self-drive itineraries including accommodation and places to visit once you reach each destination.The company has a nine months’ interest free scheme for travellers.

“Being able to create packages for people and potentially make their dreams come true is most gratifying. They get to experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of a trip that they might not get to do without our help,” Kim said.

Kim said that 70 per cent of Flight Centre customers wanted to travel to international locations with New Zealand, America and Europe at the top of the list.

“One of the most popular destinations in Australia is definitely Surfers Paradise – you can’t go past visiting all the theme parks and all that fun stuff,” she said. 


Ayers Rock, Darwin, Kakadu and Tasmania are among other popular tourist spots in Australia.

Kim said one of her favourite holiday destinations is the tiny South Pacific Island called Mare.

“It’s such a gorgeous little island that not many people know of. It’s a really beautiful place to sit down and relax, go snorkelling and not deal with hectic city culture,” Kim said.

Travel consultant Cat said her favourite place to visit is New York City. “It’s the craziness of it, all the tall buildings, the people just seem to be interesting and they seem to be always in a rush to go somewhere.  It’s really diverse. There’s lots of good food, lots to see and a good night life,” Cat said.

While, travel consultant Dani loves to visit Hawaii.

“It is just a unique place to visit; it’s not like any other place I have been before. As soon as you get out of the airport you get the island experience. The people, the weather, the scenery and the different experiences, it’s just like paradise,” Dani said.


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