Opening Hours

Mon-Wed 6am to 7pm

Thurs-Fri 6am to 6.30pm

Saturday 6am to 5pm

Sunday 6am to 5pm

Specialty items

Mon: Chocolate Mud Scones

Tues: Spelt Loaf, Blueberry W/Choc Scones

Wed: Pizza bases, Blueberry W/Choc Scones

Thurs: Blueberry White Choc Scones

Fri: Pizza Bases, Choc Mud Scones

Sat: Chia Fruit Loaves, Pizza bases and 

Blueberry White Choc Scones

Sun: Wholemeal Chia loaves, pizza bases and 

Blueberry White Choc Scones

Pizzas fresh out of the oven 12.30pm weekdays!

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